The Ads Developers Relations Team is pleased to announce the next global AdWords API Workshop series in March and April. This series follows the v201302 API release and will include tons of important information, updates and best practices around the new features introduced in the release.

We are inviting our AdWords API developers to join us in the following cities:
  • San Francisco, March 18th
  • London, March 18th
  • Hamburg, March 20th
  • Amsterdam, March 22nd
  • New York City, March 22nd
  • Paris, March 25th - New Location added this year
  • Sydney, April 9th - New Location added this year
  • Tokyo, April 12th
The agenda for the workshops will be quite packed and we will be presenting on many important topics as listed below. In addition to these technical deep-dives, we will have the AdWords API team on hand to meet with in person and answer all your API-related queries. We will also be closing the workshops with a Q&A panel.

Workshop topics include:
  • Latest on the AdWords API
  • Enhanced Campaigns & New Extensions Support
  • New Bidding & Budgeting in the AdWords API
  • New & Improved MCC Services
  • Account Performance Tracking & Optimization (and introducing a new tool - Kratu)
All events will have the same agenda, and will run from approximately 9:00AM - 5:00PM (local time). These workshops are geared towards a technical developer audience who should be already familiar with the AdWords API. Each session is technically focused and will involve going over code examples and other technical topics. We will also be recording and publishing videos for these sessions for those who might not be able to attend the event in person.

For more information and to register please check out the AdWords API Workshops page here:

- Sumit Chandel, AdWords API Team